Digital Media Strategy


Solid and comprehensive digital media strategy is much more than adding SEO keywords, a Facebook page and AdWords campaign – it’s about identifying your organization’s overall goals and objectives, and developing a plan that complements these goals and objectives.


This includes a robust combination of organic and paid strategies, effective and engaging content, and knowing how to reach your target audience at the right place, right platform and right time. It’s about creating a universe – your own personal customer universe – and then drilling into your customer mindset, thinking like your customer and creating effective content that engages, entertains, empowers, educates, and inevitably, changes and drives behavior.

Digital Content Strategy


Effective digital media strategy depends on a strong digital content strategy. It doesn’t matter how robust your digital media strategy is or how much money you’re spending – if you don’t have creative, engaging, relevant content that adequately reflects your brand, chances are, your organization will not succeed.


Digital content comprises a number of different mediums, including words, images and video, and it’s become increasingly important to include all components in your overall digital media strategy. At effitt, we are experts at content strategy development, creating a plan designed to inform, engage and ultimately transform a casual user into a devoted customer.

Video Production


Video production entails a healthy spoonful each of artful eye and technical gut, both in equal measures. Video can also either make or break an organization – solidifying a brand – good or bad.


A skillful videographer knows how to create a powerful message using imagery that positively reflects and honors a brand, touching audiences on a different plane. At effitt, we don’t offer video, we offer vision, taking your brand to the next level and bringing it to life.